Chiropractic and Healthy Ageing

Do you want control over your ageing experience?

Chiropractic care can be a great benefit to the older adult population.

Research is showing that chiropractic can really make a difference to your health, function and quality of life.

With age comes greater wisdom, but can also come with problems like arthritis, balance issues and falls, and general function decline, but it doesn’t have to be an inevitable downward spiral, there is such a thing as ageing, otherwise known as “growing old gracefully!” Your choices and actions can postpone or even reduce some of the undesirable facts of the ageing process.

The goal of healthy ageing is to maintain physical and mental health, keep the immune system as strong as possible and keep as active and independent for as long as you can.

Chiropractic can play a big part in healthy ageing and can not only add years to your life but life to your years. Using gentle mobilising techniques, exercises, balance programmes and postural advice, we can help to alleviate discomfort and stiffness associated with joints in the neck, back and limbs. Increasing range of motion in your joints will give you better mobility and help improve balance and posture. The use of gentle soft tissue techniques can reduce muscle stiffness and improve blood flow to affected areas and help reduce inflammation. Home exercise programmes designed for your challenges will help to keep you involved in your own outcome and healthy ageing.


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