Children and teenagers

Children’s bodies are changing and growing all the time!

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Children’s bodies respond differently to adults and generally we find they respond quicker as they haven’t had as much time for things to deteriorate. We use techniques that are specifically modified to be gentle and appropriate for each child’s age, size, and level of development. Unlike adult techniques, chiropractic adjustments for newborns look like relaxing stretches. Our Chiropractors love working with children and are able to engage with children to make the experience fun and enjoyable.

We commonly look after children for:

  1. School bag/backpack weight distribution– sometimes this causes pain in the back
  2. Sitting positions and neck/back strain– how does screentime affect your child’s neck?
  3. New sports and impact. – injuries associated with sport are common for us to see!
  4. Orthodontic, breathing and chewing issues.

Watching a childs movement patterns helps us understand how well the brain and body are coordinating and if they are able to use their body in a free and balanced manner. If co-ordination is an issue, these children may look heavy, uncomfortable, or imbalanced as they move. Others may fatigue faster than their peers or look to expel a lot more energy to complete the task/game than their friends. 

Our chiropractors are able to work with your child to help identify if there are difficulties with movement patterns and if the intraskeletal muscular system is under stress. 

As parents we all want our children to be healthy and thrive. As a result, many parents are looking for proactive, natural ways to protect the health of their children. and many are choosing to make chiropractic a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Just like regular dental or eye check-ups, a check-up with a chiropractor for kids may prevent little problems becoming bigger ones later in life.

Just like an adult, your child’s nervous system controls and co-ordinates the entire body. Chiropractic care for children is very gentle and focuses on assisting children to function to their optimal potential. Pain and stiffness in a child may create a child to not meet their developmental milestones. These milestones are essential steps in a child’s life, and they help them breathe, move, speak, stand up straight and function. When we assess a child, we are looking at them structurally, their posture (if they are walking), their spinal curves and their head shape. It is common for us to see children presenting with poor posture, poor coordination, knocked knees, turned in feet, sitting in w position and children who are slow to reach their milestones. In slightly older children, we see growing pains, Osgood-Shlatters syndrome, pain after playing sport and clumsiness. In babies, we commonly see a lack of ability to turn their heads to both sides, inability to roll over, sit independently, crawl in the cross-crawl pattern and difficulties walking.

These Problems in the spine can commonly occur from birth, especially if intervention like forceps is used. Dr Towbin from Harvard University states that it takes 90-140 pounds of pulling pressure to produce spinal damage, of which it is not uncommon to occur in a normal delivery process.

Please note that the Chiropractors at Vivid Health only use gentle techniques with children and babies and no “Cracking” is involved.

For more information, please chat to one of our Chiropractors who have a special interest in children and babies.

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