These are our Frequently Asked Questions. Please contact us if you can’t find what you are looking for or if you have your own questions.

How much does chiropractic cost? It varies depending on the practice. Below is a breakdown of our current costs. Please note these costs are subject to change.

Initial consultation – $140
Standard visit – $75
Extended Consultation – $95

We also sell various products in the clinic – prices are available on request so please feel free to enquire when you pop in.

Not everybody will need X-rays and this will depend on your initial examination with the chiropractor. If you have X-rays at home please bring them along for the chiropractor to see.

An adjustment feels different to each individual person and depends on the technique. Most people describe it as a feeling of something been released. The manual methods can feel quite different to the activator. The activator is an instrument used with controlled pressure. It feels like a small flick.

This will depend on what it’s wrong with you and what the chiropractor finds upon examination. Every person is unique and will respond differently. We will be able to discuss with you about this in the clinic.

What to expect on your first visit to Vivid Health Chiropractic.

  • When you arrive, you will be greeted by one of our friendly Chiropractic Assistants at the front desk.
  • You will have completed a initial consultation form online. This provides the Chiropractor with your basic personal information and an outline of your current health concerns, previous accidents, surgeries, and any symptoms you may be experiencing or have concern with such as headaches, dizziness, pain etc.
  • You will then have a comprehensive examination with your Chiropractor during which they will discuss your medical history, perform a postural, spine and neurological examination. You may also discuss your diet, wellbeing, and overall health. Your Chiropractor will look for areas of the spine and skull that are functioning poorly and could be irritating a nerve, therefore causing dysfunction.
  • Subject to findings a treatment may or may not be administered on your first appointment. If further information is needed, we can refer you for X-Rays or appropriate imaging, this is based on the individual assessment.
  • We gather all the information and create a tailored treatment plan for you that your Chiropractor will discuss with you in length.

We continue to monitor your progress and review your treatment plan, as necessary