Meet the team


Dr. Wendy Hickleton

Dr Wendy Hickleton joined Vivid in 2015 and has over 30 years of Chiropractic experience both in the UK and Australia. Wendy enjoys working with patients with all types of issues and has particular interest in issues concerning the jaw and cranial system. She frequently works with dentists and orthodontists to help their patients with jaw function.

Dr Wendy Hickleton attended the AECC chiropractic college in England and has since gained certification in Chiropractic paediatrics from RMIT in Melbourne. Dr Wendy emigrated to Australia with her family in 2006 and they are delighted to now be Australian Citizens.

“I was introduced to chiropractic as a teenager when my father, an orthodontist, wanted to discover cranial and spinal mechanics order to improve his overall quality of orthodontic care to his patients. He sought the advice of a chiropractor and took me with him! I was so impressed with the value of a holistic approach to health care that I decided there and then to make chiropractic my career.
I have enjoyed working with dentists, nutritionists, and other health care practitioners over the years to help all my patients from babies to the elderly. I have a particular interest in jaw issues, both paediatric and adult”

As a wife, mother, and chiropractor I can empathise with patients juggling careers, family and trying to do their best for their family’s health. Dr Wendy uses SOT, cranial and activator techniques.

If you would like to make a booking with Dr Wendy Hickleton, contact us on 9476 6888 or book in online by clicking here.